Thomas Kukovec
Thomas Kukovec, Biologist & Agronomist

Regional Director and Field Agronomist Middle East & Africa of                   , an Austrian agro machinery developer of cutting-edge Carbon Farming technologies (exhaust emissions farming e.g.) and climate-adapted pneumatic seeding machines

Independent Senior Consultant (Agriculture Worldwide Services), specialized in Conservation Farming, semi-arid- and tropical agriculture
„Biologist by education, Adventurer and Globetrotter from passion, Environmentalist  and unconventional Thinker from conviction!“
Selection of past events:
Interviewed at the 1st Afrika-Tag of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce WKO (Vienna, Feb. 2017)
„He who feeds you, controls you!“ Thomas Sankara
Know-how & Services:

Farm Management (MENA- and Sub-Saharan Africa): 

Crop Production Management: Crop Protection and Fertilization (IPPC, organic, integrated, conventional)

Soil Management/Protection (Arid-zones and Tropical) 

Anti-Destertification Management (Sahel, Sahara)

Agricultural Water- and Resources Management (pivot-, drip- and sprinkler irrigation systems - Sahel, Savanna and Sahara)

Waste/Drinking Water Management (soil filters, SODIS)

Indigenous Plants Cultivation (Kisansa coffee i.a.)

Value Chain consultant & Quality Control (Animal feed, coffee, fruits, all relevant cash crops)


Local Fixer and Intercultural Management Consultant upon request and on behalf of international companies, organizations or journalists, whishing to do business, projects or reports in MENA or Sub-Saharan Africa

Project Planning, Implementation & Supervision Dryland- and Tropical Farming (Climate-smart Agriculture, Conservation- and wildlife-friendly Farming, Carbon- and Exhaust-Emissions Farming), Enviromental solutions (e.g. Humus/Terra Preta build-up from carcoal), Renewables (Biomass-projects and mini- and off-grid PV-systems)

Informations on Agricultural Policies (GAP-EU, EPA)
Expert Panelist, Lecturer/Presenter & Keynote-Speaker
(Geopolitics, Development policies and African affairs)
Consult you on finding (recruit) other agri-professionals
Former Managing Director of Thomas Kukovec sustainable trade e.U. an agricultural start-up with partners in Italy, Holland and Uganda: Cultivation and direct-trade of indigenous coffee varieties from East Africa
Pro Bono: Independent Conservationist: Latest project was a Documentary Film on tropical deforestation and violated land rights (land grabbing) in Uganda
Coffee-Safaris in cooperation with Ugandan Safari lodges and coffee farmers (REDOU and Lurocop ltd.)

World Organization Conservation Farming (WOCF), Co-Founder and Coordinator of the KISANSA-Project: Its origin remains still unclear, as it could be either: 1) a local indigenous Robusta (coffea canephora) 2) a liberica derewei, a particular variety (or subspecies) of C. liberica 3) or a natural hybrid of the two, respectively an interspecies hybrid (there has been found a lot of overlapping of the two species in Uganda). We‘ve initiated the KISANSA-project to investigate its very origin. Therefore we have also established ties to agriculture-related world-organizations (e.g. UN FAO)

Scientific research in tropical- and subtropical agriculture and ecology, hereby spezialiced in semi-arid and desert conservation farming and wildlife preservation
Interviewed by Karim El-Gawhary, Austrian State Television (ORF) Byblos, Lebanon on 07-31-2006
- Guerra del luglio 2006: racconti di un testimone contemporaneo - July War 2006: narratives of a contemporary witness - presentation series 2016
(Rome, Via del Pigneto 31-33 L‘infernotto)
January 2018: ECOTEC Vienna: Trainer and Expert-Panellist at Interlinking in Africa
Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture
(Vienna, Nov. 2017)
November 5th 2018: Universtà di Roma Tor Vergata (second edition after March 19th)

Expert-Panellist, discussing the controversial documentary film Poverty, Inc. with students of Prof. Claudio Coradetti in Rome
Expeditions and Projects:
Voyages of discovery into the Sahara desert Exploration and documentation of its ancient sites, flora and fauna, Geology and local population (demography, communal life), Ethnology and Ethnography (incl. local economy and agriculture)

A group of passionate explorers* and researchers (geologists, geophysicists, biologists, ethnologists, archeologists, paleontologists, linguists, sociologists, entrepreneurs, documentary film-makers, skatchers, writers and photographers), doctors and mechanics...

... building up partnerships with local fixers, communities and stakeholders in science and industry

Therefore we buy used 4x4 vehicles - modify and equip them accordingly - off for couple of weeks into the Sahara desert - resell it locally before flying back home again (due to self-financing)